Today we went to Mesa Verde.  In Mesa Verde we took two tours and explored around the ruins.  First we took a tour to Balcony house, it was on a cliff in the middle of nowhere.  We climbed up a really tall ladder to get there.  I was amazed the buildings could stay up that long (800 years!), especially since they were made of mud and handmade bricks.  There were big holes in the floor meant for ceremonies and big events in the Native American’s lives.  Alex thought they were pools and hot tubs.  I was stunned that their doors were the size of a window and they were thriving in the middle of nowhere.  Our second tour was the Cliff Palace tour.  This part of Mesa Verde is the biggest of the ruins.  I think they were smart because they built the house under an overhang and it protected them from some weather.  The downside is that the overhang is eventually going to collapse and ruin the rest of the ruins.  Cliff Palace is 1/3 housing the other 2/3 is storage.  I thought Mesa Verde was very interesting.

Cliff Palace
Balcony House with Kiva (aka as Hot Tub according to Alex)
Balcony House

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