Today we took an old fashion train from Durango, Colorado.  The train was very wobbly and the seats were little but that didn’t matter.   Soon after we boarded we found out there was a rock slide blocking the track.  The conductor told us there was a 50-50 chance we would make it to Silverton, our destination with shops and restaurants.  More than half the people in our car left because they worried they wouldn’t get the whole ride. They knew they could get tickets tomorrow because of a rock slide.  Turns out, they won’t because the rocks are over 50 feet deep and stretches over 150 feet of track so the train won’t be running for a few days.  Instead we went to a little creek half way through.  I thought it was beautiful, the rocks were multi colored and the water was pure and flowing.  I was wearing water proof shoes so I waded into the water a little, even though it was a bit chilly.  There was a ton of waiting around while they figured out how to get all three trains back safely.  I still enjoyed the ride.  

Alex and Erin boarding the train in DurangoTrain at station in DurangoView of Animas Valley from train
Train at the station in Durango

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