Erin and Alex climbing the tree on our site

 Today we went to Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We got there and it started raining pretty hard so we hid in the tent from the weather.   I sorted playing cards, Alex lay around and Mom took a nap.  When it stopped we went to the Visitor’s Center to see what we should do.  We decide to climb the high dune, a trail up to the second highest point in the sand dunes.  The hike was definitely strenuous.  When I took a step I’d sink and slide back two or so inches.  My shoes were filled with sand so my feet were heavy.  We brought a lid from one of our bins so we could sled; it was too flimsy so it didn’t work.  When we got to the top, we had a wonderful view of the rest of the park, mountains, sand, and prairie.  The top was really windy and the sand stung when it hit me.  On the way back, I didn’t wear shoes and the sand was soft and fluffy.  Let’s just say I had loads of fun coming down.  Alex tried to sled in the sand again but ended up rolling down and was covered in sand.  We wanted to swim in the creek but it was full of ashes because of the brush fires.  Our site was awesome; it had the best climbing tree ever so I ended spending most of my time in it.  I even ate ice cream in it!  I loved the sand dunes!   

Erin makes a sand angelErin and Alex on top of High Dune

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