Today we went to Great Sand Dunes National Park. When we got there we went straight to the camp ground to make sure we got a site.   After we set up our tent we went to the Visitor Center and watched the movie.   We also asked the ranger if the creek was high enough to swim in. There was not enough water and it is full of black ash. So we did not swim. Instead we decided to climb the high dune.   It was really hard because every time we put our feet down they slid a back couple of inches.  It took us an hour and 20 minutes to walk the 1.5 miles to the top of the sand dune.   They call it High Dune but it is not the tallest dune in the park. At the top of the dune the wind was blowing sand really hard and it hurt when the sand hit me. Going back down was easier. I tried to sled down some of the dunes on the food bin lid it did not work.   I ended up rolling down the dune.   After I climbed back up we walked back to the car and went back to the camp ground to eat dinner.  Tomorrow we are going to drive for 12 hours.

Alex and Erin at the botton of the dunes aka the world's biggest sand box
Alex after "sledding" down the dune

2 thoughts on “Sand Dunes by Alex 7/27/10

  1. Soooo glad you guys are on your way home!! All my prayers for your safety must be getting on God’s nerves.

    You are seeing things we never even heard of. What a great trip. Continue to have fun and continue to be careful. We love you all.

    Gramma and Pops

  2. Great hearing from you. The blogs are so interesting. We cant wait to see you all. Dad stayed with us overnight when he returned on the plane. He really enjoyed his meeting up with his family. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED WITH WHAT ME AND GRAMMA GOT THIS WEEK. No clues this time . Dad doesn’t even know. Today is friday and we just returned from our Italian night at the church. We served over 100 meals. We think we made over $800.oo profit for the church. Hpe you get to your grandmothers house in Conn. and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having. LET us know when you get close to home. Enjoy your trip and keep safe. Love you all
    Gramma & pops.

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