Today we went to the St. Louis Arch it was really cool. It was a lot bigger than I thought it was. It also does not go over the river like I though it did. We were going to go to the top and do the river tour.  But, we could not do the river tour because the river was too high.  It flooded the road in some places. So we just went to the top of the Arch. To get to the top you ride in an egg shaped tram that goes up inside the arch. It was really cool. From the top we could see into the baseball stadium. We could also see how high the river was.  The ramp onto the dock for the river boats was under water. The ride down on the tram was faster than the ride up. Tomorrow we go to the Football and Rock and Roll Halls of fame.            

Erin and Alex by the is hard to fit the whole arch in the pictureThe Arch's shadow on the Mississippi RiverAlex and Erin in the highest point in the Arch

2 thoughts on “St. Louis Arch by Alex 7/29/10

  1. Alex….you look taller than when you left! Hope you’re still having a great time and keep up the blogs….awesome job of writing and making us feel like we are there with you.

    Looking forward to seeing you in PERSON!!!! luv you…..Gramma and Pops

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