We had a marathon Hall of Fame day!  We visited both of these places in one day.  Football Hall of Fame is in Canton and Rock and Roll is in Cleveland, one hour away.  We started with football because they opened at 9:00 and closed the Rock nRoll at 9:00.  I enjoyed both of these Hall of Fame.  I don’t know much about football but learned quite a bit about the history.  Watched video clips of some games and asked Alex is he is sure he wouldn’t rather run cross country in the fall instead of football.

I LOVED the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  There was so much to see, I could have spent much more time there.  It really traces the history of RR and from its roots in gospel and the blues to the differnt types of rock today.  There were so many interesting stories, videos and memorabilia.  I could reach out and touch Bono’s guitar that he wrote early U2 songs on (I didn’t because I would get kicked out but I could have!).  There was a guitar that belonged to James Taylor that was painted blue by his brother Alex.  I am guessing things weren’t too quiet around the Taylor household when that happened.

As we left and we were talking about what we had seen that day.  When I said how much I enjoyed the Rock n Roll hall of Fame the kids said well that makes sense because you lived it.  Hmmmm….I am not that old.  I guess I shouldn’t have told them all of the concerts I had been to by people in the museum.

We have a few more entries to go!


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