Today we went to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.  The night before we went to the park for a day, we went to the park preview just to see the park and get a feel for our plan.  First we went to Chocolate World and went on a tour of the “factory”.  Then we went down to the park and did a lot of rides.  We started out easy and worked our way up to the bigger rides.  I loved seeing the park all lit up; I especially liked seeing the Boardwalk.  The Boardwalk was set up like an old fashion boardwalk with the ferris wheel and ice cream parlor; it was really neat to see at night.  I enjoyed the wooden roller coaster because it was fast and bumpy but long and curvy instead of going upside down.  We stayed in the park until closing and we definitely felt we got our money’s worth.  I had never been in the front of a roller coaster before so I had a thrill ride on the Great Bear.

  Today we went for the whole day; let’s just say I had a rough day.  We got to go early because of the sweet rewards pass to get into the park early so we didn’t have to wait in lines.  I did a couple of rides that morning and didn’t feel too good so I didn’t do any rides.  I felt better so I went on all the water things.  I tried the surfing simulator but apparently I was too small so when I fell off I went flying into the wall.  When we were done with water rides we went to a tap show that wasn’t very good.  I threw up in the middle of the bathroom so that was when I was done for the day.  We also went to a show about music from when mom was a teenager and I recognized a lot of the music and artists since we went to the Rock and Roll hall of fame.  I loved that show.  We had a very exciting last visit to a tourist attraction 

Erin gets to visit with the KitKat

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