Today we went to Hershey park it was really fun. Because we stayed at the official Hershey Park campground we got into the park an hour early. But only some of the rides were open that early. When the rest of the park opened everybody ran to get in line for the big roller coasters. My favorite roller coaster was Wild Thunder. It was my favorite because it went really fast and upside down a lot. Mom did not like it because it jerks your head around a lot. After we went on some of the roller coasters we went to the water rides.  The water rides were okay.  Me and ham did a surfing simulator it was really fun. Ham did not like it because she was bad at it. After we did some of the water rides we ate lunch. Then Ham started to feel sick and did not go on ride me and mom went on a couple.  We went to a show it was kind of boring. After the show Ham threw up in the bathroom. She was done with rides for the rest of the day.  After ham threw up I was the only one who did rides for the rest if the day.  When I was done we went back to the camp ground tomorrow we drive home.

Was this coaster that did Erin in or was it a stomach bug??? It’s a mystery…Erin and Alex are in the front seat


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