I promised the kids at the beginning of the trip that we would visit Hershey Park on our trip IF they were good the WHOLE way.  They were good so I owed them even though I was really ready to go home.  This is our second visit to the park.  When we came before the kids were too small to go on any of the big rides.  Now they were ready to roll and go on everything and we did for the most part.  Alex is the only one who made it onto all eleven roller coasters.

We also made a return visit to Chocolate World AKA knows as the chocolate grocery store.  Any kind of Hershey Chocolate is available in all shapes and sizes.  So of course, I had to stock up.  This really is my happy place.  To make it even better…they added a Dunkin Donuts at the entrance…the first good coffee I have had in weeks!!!

Perhaps our trip did go one day too long.  We had thought Erin’s stomach issues were from the rides.  I felt queezy too so figured it was that I was getting to old for all these roller coasters.  Then…Alex got sick during the night…in the tent….fortunately I had placed plastic bags strategically around the tent so there was little mess.  I had to make several trip to the bathroom during the night not good when the tent is a 1/4 mile away.  I think I logged about four miles during the night.  We also stopped at every rest area between Hershey and Holland Patent, NY. 

Stocking up on supplies...maybe we should have stopped here at the beginning of the tripWords can't desrcibe how I felt when discovering this Dunkin Donuts...

2 thoughts on “Hershey Park by Diana 8/2/10

  1. Do you remember my trip to Hershey? We went in the line to get in and this lovely gentleman shook my hand and thanked me so genuinely, I was amazed that they greeted their guests that way. Well it turns out the park was closed for an employee picnic so we had to drag a crying and screaming 4 year old and 6 year old to the factory where we rode the ride about how chocolate was made over and over again while trying to convine the kids we were at the amuzement park! Marie

  2. I had forgotten about that story! That is too funny! At least they were little and you could almost pull it off. I would be happy riding through the factory it makes me happy to see all that chocolate being made!

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