Maine at Mt. Rushmore

It was a year ago that we launched this blog while on our trip to Virginia.  I had a few other entries to sum up our trip from last summer and never had time to post them.  As soon as we returned home in August we hit the ground running getting ready for school and sports.  I have been trying to play catch up ever since.

2010 Summer Roadtrip by the Numbers

8122…. Total miles

10… Hours longest day in car

45 …Days on the road

15 …. National Park Sites visited

19… States we drove through

12 … Nights in hotels

3 …Most nights stayed in one place (camping)

25…Books read

2.65 …Least price paid for a gallon of gas

3.66 …most paid for a gallon of gas (Good thing we didn’t wait until 2011…this is a bargain now!)

.99 … Least paid for a bag of ice

4.26 … Most paid for a bag of ice

6 …Number of times we had fast food (9 if you count Subway)

3 …Stops at Wal-Mart (home away from home:)

Total cost ????? (Jim’s still adding it up)

Togetherness is Priceless



3 thoughts on “Road Trip by the Numbers

  1. What an adventure and what a story you will all tell! You and the kids will remember this forever. I am so glad you did this. Marie

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